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Welcome to the CPC Academies Zone, the home of the best value deals for the Academies, Schools and Free Schools sectors. To get you started you may wish to see who we are and what are the benefits of joining the UK's premier education purchasing consortium.

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Joining the CPC academies community is easy, and is the best way to save money and improve purchasing performance at your academy.

Plus you will be adding your Academy / School / Free School's weight to the enormous collective purchasing power of CPC's members.

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A large proportion of CPC's 5335 academy members joined CPC to benefit from our unique DfE-endorsed insurance scheme, but insurance is only one small part of the range of purchasing services we provide. Membership is free, and allows you access to 89 different product / service areas through 1050 approved suppliers.

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The Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) is committed to providing its approved suppliers with a first class marketing support service linked into our contract management programme. The Consortium has a genuine education focus and works on providing value for money on all contracting activities through the supplier network.

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