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Web Developer Trainee

Tel: 0161 974 0953

Email: r.glover@thecpc.ac.uk

What my job role is:

I’m the Web Developer Trainee and my role involves working on the website which can range from making changes to web pages to uploading new information.

What I'm professionally passionate about:

I am professionally passionate about making websites look as good as they can be so it appeals to the audience in the best way possible.

What previous experiences I have that link in with my current role:

I have used computers all throughout my studies and understand how they work. I’m keen to build my knowledge further here at CPC.

My inspiration and motivation:

My inspiration is my colleagues as I try to follow them and learn as much as I can within my role. My motivation is seeing how successful other people are which makes me want to get up to their level.

How would I describe myself in three words?

Social, positive and ambitious.