There are a number of standard purchasing documents which may be needed by purchasing staff. The documents here can be downloaded and adapted to your own specific college's needs. The Purchasing Policy has been National Audit Approved and the others are in daily use by the University of Salford and fully comply with financial regulations.

Available Templates
Purchasing PolicyThe University is committed to the pursuit of excellence and the adoption of best current practice in the purchasing function. Reporting to the Executive Group, the Director of Finance has been given overall responsibility for the University wide function. The University Purchasing Manager will be responsible to the Director of Finance for day to day control. It is recognised that there is a need for an effective stores operation in ensuring the efficient acquisition of goods and the University has a separate policy governing School or Section stores ("Stores and Stockholding Policy"). Compliance with both the Financial Regulations and the procedures included in this document is mandatory. Download (388KB)
Tendering ProceduresThe University must have mechanisms for ensuring that the purchase of supplies and services are achieved at a competitive price, without bias, without unfair or illegal influence and within the scope of European Community Directives and other statutory requirements. The University has to be able to demonstrate that it has achieved the best value for money by the fairest of means. Through the tender process the University can demonstrate its accountability for and good stewardship of the funds at its disposal. A tender must be carried out if the cost of the goods exceeds £20, 000 (including VAT). Download (39KB)
Service Level AgreementThis is an agreement between the University of Salford and a consultant where the University has asked the consultant to provide certain services and the consultant has agreed to provide those Services in accordance with the terms set out and in consideration of the payments agreed. One of these agreements must be completed if the cost of the services exceeds £1000 (including VAT). Download (38KB)
Travel PolicyThe purchase of travel can be a very difficult business complicated by the need sometimes to change arrangements at the last minute and the vast number of suppliers available all purporting to offer value for money for every trip. This policy document seeks to make the system of booking travel as simple as possible whilst also giving the flexibility to use suppliers other than those nominated as approved on proof of value for money. Every member of staff must be aware that the requirements of both internal and external audit are paramount in providing proof of achievement of value for money. Download (49KB)
Freedom of Information ActThe Freedom of Information Act is now in force and it will impact on many aspects of college life and operation. The CPC's particular concern is of course purchasing and in the current absence of any formal purchasing guidelines, we would direct you to an excellent document that covers all aspects of the Act. From a purchasing point of view, we would refer you to the exemptions covered in sections 41 and 43. We will publish more related material on the Act as we receive it.
OJEU Non Compliance DocumentCompliance procedures ensure that the EU procurement rules are properly enforced. National courts or tribunals in each Member State are empowered to take certain measures, including interim measures and the European Commission can commence proceedings against the UK Government under the EC Treaty if any contracting authority breaches the rules. Download (26KB)
Tender Samples for Contract Cleaning
Tender for Taxi ServicesThis is a tender template kindly provided by Blackpool & Fylde College for the provision of taxi services. Download (4.7MB)
Room Lettings ContractThis is a tender template kindly provided by West London Academy for colleges who wish to hire rooms / admin services to an outside organisation. Download (940KB)
Sustainable & Social Procurement GuidanceEnsuring 'value for money' involves much more than the 'lowest up front cost'. It involves considering the 'whole life' costs (e.g.with respect to energy consumption, durability, reduced maintenance and waste reduction) and reducing environmental and social risks. The belief that these benefits are worth paying for provided the financial cost is not excessive is also implicit. Download (292 KB)
Security PolicyThis Security Policy has been provided by Accrington & Rossendale College Download (80KB)
Risk Management PolicyThis Risk Management Policy has been provided by Accrington & Rossendale College Download (32KB)

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