9th Aug 2019

The October energy contract renewal period is fast approaching and it is vital that members ensure that they give sufficient notice to their incumbent provider of their intent to terminate their energy supply contract. We advise submitting your termination notice to your current supplier in good time as standard practice to protect your interests. This will ensure that you have the freedom to pick a supplier of your choice at your renewal date and it protects you against the possibility of signing a contract with a new supplier, only for the old supplier to raise transfer objections and potentially apply higher out of contract rates.

The amount required by different energy suppliers varies significantly from no minimum notice period up to 120 days in extreme cases, so we’ve created this handy list of termination notice periods and included the email address you need to use to communicate your intent to terminate:

Supplier Termination Email Termination Notice Period
SSE One month before end date
Haven Power 30 Days from End Date
British Gas 90-120 Days from End Date
Orsted (DONG) 30 Days from End Date
Crown Gas & Power 90 Days from End Date
Eon Minimum 30 Days
Npower Minimum 30 Days
Gazprom 3 months notice required
Smartest Energy Minimum 90 Days
Opus Energy One month before end date
CNG Minimum 30 Days
Corona Energy Minimum 30 Days for both Gas and Electic
Scottish Power Minimum 30 Days
Engie (formerly GDF Suez) 45 Days (I&C), 30 Days (SME)
EDF Minimum 30 Days
Total Gas and Power Minimum 30 Days, sometimes 90 dependent on T's & C's
Dual Energy Minimum 30 Days

* These contract periods are provided as guidance only, customers should always look to double-check the notice period contained within their supply contract.

Your old supplier may also raise transfer objections for historic debt that is older than the current month so it’s prudent to request a “statement of account” and any outstanding invoices, whilst submitting the termination notice. Should you wish them to your current supplier will still provide you with a renewal offer.

Please contact the dedicated Energy Helpdesk on 03453 02004 if you require any additional guidance in relation to termination notices.

Find out more about CPC’s Utilities Supplies & Services Framework by visiting the framework web page.