23rd Nov 2021

Last week we sadly saw another two energy suppliers cease trading which is a timely reminder that our energy markets are still volatile, with many providers struggling with the current climate. We continue to advise our CPC members to use the CPC Utilities Supplies and Services framework, of which ‘Dukefield Energy’ are the sole appointed consultant. It is recommended by the Department for Education (DfE), with all framework suppliers robustly vetted to give our members peace of mind. Suppliers on the framework are best placed to service and support CPC member institutions.

Pricing levels

Prices remain high with political issues surrounding the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. We hoped this would be up and running sending gas into Europe before the end of the year, but unfortunately due to a number of issues this now looks to have been put back to Q1 2022. Along with colder temperatures on the horizon prices are remaining high for the foreseeable future.

CNG Energy customers

Any CPC members that were with CNG Energy, the commercial supplier that ceased trading a couple of weeks ago will now have been notified that their supplies will be transferring to Pozitive Energy. Their prices will unfortunately increase, but our customers now have the option to move to an alternative supplier. Dukefield Energy can support you through this transition, run a tender for you and acquire competitive quote prices from suppliers on the framework to support you to make an informed decision on your energy procurement needs. There is no obligation, Dukefield can advise what they think is best in terms of contract length and how to manage the risk of the high fluctuating costs in this current volatile energy market.

Support for CPC members

We are advising CPC members that have any concerns about their electricity or gas supplies to contact Dukefield Energy. Although prices are high there are options available to help you manage the risk. No one should feel like they need to sign a long-term fixed contract at today’s high prices. The Dukefield team will be happy to talk through all your options whilst helping and supporting you through this journey. Whether your contact is due for renewal in the next few months or in a year’s time - there are energy procurement options available to all.

Please contact a member of the Dukefield team on 0345 402 2461 or email