30th Apr 2014

New FE insurance framework: full details now available…

Last month’s newsletter was issued a few days before the new insurance framework for FE and Sixth Form colleges was awarded, so some of the details couldn’t be publicised. However, we are now able to confirm that the framework was launched on 8 April, so the veil of secrecy can be lifted! We expect the new framework to be launched on the website soon, in the mean time contact Neale Walker for further information on or by phone at 0161 974 0940


The new framework can be used immediately for insurance renewals from 31 July and 1 August 2014 onwards. It has been awarded in three Lots:

LOT 1: colleges (not land-based) in England and Wales

LOT 2: colleges (not land-based) in Scotland

LOT 3: colleges (not land-based) in Northern Ireland – unfortunately no bids were received for this Lot

LOT 4: land-based colleges throughout the UK

The providers for each Lot are:

LOT 1: Gallagher Heath (with partner organisation Risk Management Partners and partner insurers AIG and Argo)

Hettle Andrews (with partner insurer Travelers)

Marsh (with partner insurer RSA)

Zurich Municipal (direct insurer)

LOT 2: As above, excepting Hettle Andrews

LOT 3: No award made

LOT 4: Hettle Andrews (with partner insurer Travelers)

NFU Mutual (direct insurer)

Zurich Municipal (direct insurer)

Colleges that are NOT predominantly land-based but nevertheless have a significant land-based element can use Lot 4 in conjunction with Lots 1 or 2.

Mini-tender documentation

The mini-tender process is basically the same as for the existing framework, and the existing FE tender documents can be used (please download these from the CPC website), although some of the mini-tender scoring arrangements have changed.

Please use the process only if you are in the last year of a Long Term Agreement with your existing broker/insurer.


If you intend to use the new framework for a 31 July/31 August 2014 insurance renewal, please start completing the questionnaire as soon as possible. You MUST allow the providers a minimum of FIVE WEEKS to produce their proposals, although 6 weeks is recommended. You should give the providers an opportunity to visit your campus during this period.

Near the end of the process a 10-day standstill period should be factored in, although your chosen provider will be able to commence preparatory work.

You will of course need to allocate time to complete the questionnaire and evaluate the proposals.

If you have any doubts at all about whether you have sufficient time, please call CPC and we will be happy to go through the various stages with you so that you can draw up a practical timeline.

Further information and advice

Please contact Neale Walker if you’d like to discuss timescales or any other aspect of the new framework: tel. 0161 974 0940

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