10th Oct 2018

Sue and Laurence

South Devon College has achieved a saving of £1 million whilst making a return on investment of 235% with the help of Tenet Education Services.

Tenet Education Services, part of Crescent Purchasing Limited, have provided procurement services for South Devon College since 2011 and have delivered impressive cost savings whilst securing quality products and services, positively impacting both the college and its students. Laurence Frewin, Vice Principal Corporate Services & Deputy CEO at South Devon College said:

"We know the savings Tenet have secured are real savings, which have had a positive impact on the College, not just financially but also on the quality of the products and services we use and ultimately the student experience."

Tenet Education Services, where the customer comes first and all savings generated are retained by you.

Realise your savings potential with Tenet!

To find out how please contact Tenet today on 01376 511 411, email or visit Tenet Education Services