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3rd Aug 2018 New payment method for Tenet’s tendering service Educational establishments can now receive expert procurement support with no upfront costs.
3rd Aug 2018 Managing the risks of bidder presentations Mystery shopper results have been released which highlight the importance of the role of presentations when evaluating bids.
3rd Aug 2018 Find out what our members have to say about us The results from our member surveys show that over 50% of respondents achieved savings of between £1,000 and £10,000.
3rd Aug 2018 New Temporary and Permanent Staffing Framework The new Temporary and Permanent Staffing Framework is live and it covers academic, non-academic and administrative staff.
3rd Aug 2018 CPC deals are recommended by the DfE in the new Academies Financial Handbook The Department for Education are recommending four CPC deals to schools and academies with more to follow.
3rd Aug 2018 Pricing Review - Paper: Print & Specialist Framework New paper prices are coming into effect as pulp prices have increased by 21% since the Paper: Print & Specialist framework launched.
5th Jul 2018 Re-tender of the Software Licenses – Academies & Schools Framework Software Licenses – Academies & Schools Framework supplier submissions are currently being evaluated and it is anticipated that the new framework will launch in August.
5th Jul 2018 A New Access Control Systems Framework is Being Developed A new framework is being developed to offer a one-stop-shop solution for the supply, installation and maintenance of new and legacy Access Control Systems.
5th Jul 2018 New Utilities Brokerage Service Framework CPC are working on a new framework which is designed to act as a one stop shop for all energy supply requirements.
5th Jul 2018 Minister for Academies Highlights Opportunities for Photocopy Savings Lord Agnew has encouraged schools to drill into their photocopying charges by removing the colour printing option from printers.

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