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1st Mar 2015

"Free" purchasing services: Do they exist?

Clarification on what a 'free' purchasing service is and the specific characteristics that each of them have to offer. Further details on Issues that need to be considered for legal protection, EU compliancy and financially when using these services....

1st Feb 2015

Office Supplies Framework – Lyreco

Take advantage on behalf of your institution in saving with the updated Lyreco with the office supplies framework.

1st Feb 2015

YPO Energy

YPO are providing provision of energy working in partnership with CPC for academies and schools.

1st Feb 2015

CPC FE Insurance Framework

Begin peppering your insurance tenders now in order to make huge savings.

1st Feb 2015

Voting Results and Latest Framework Suggestions

The latest voting results for frameworks with details on how to vote yourself.

1st Feb 2015

National Education Recruitment Advertising and Resourcing Service (NERARS) Agreement

Details on the NERARS re-tendering awarded and relevant suppliers information now available on the CPC website.

1st Feb 2015


The Further Education Library on Procurement's development is making huge progress and will be fully available for you to take advantage of very soon.

1st Feb 2015

Crescent Learning

A new range and existing resources available for you all in one place on our brand new bespoke website for training and procurement resources

9th Jan 2015

DfE Business Managers Procurement Skills Survey

If you are a school business manager, for the best support on the skills required for procurement of goods DfE would like you to let us know how we can best support you.

1st Jan 2015

FELP – A Helpful New Resource for You, From CPC

A wealth of procurement guidance and advice for best practice by The Further Education Library on Procurement's (FELP)database. An extremely useful resource that was maintained by the AoC Procurement Team.

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