Our estates and facilities frameworks provide high quality reliable suppliers and easy to use procurement solutions for a wide range of goods and services to help you maintain and improve your estate.  Browse our estates & facility category frameworks to view our suppliers and find out how you can buy everything from outsourced cleaning services, to mechanical & electrical maintenance services to gas and electricity contracts and much more!

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Building Cleaning

DfE recommended outsourced building cleaning framework agreement for tendering college, university, academy and school cleaning services

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Building Materials, Tools and Hardware Supplies

Offering a range of building materials, tools and timber supplies to enable delivery of construction-based courses for students.

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Cashless Payment Systems and Associated Supplies and Services

The framework provides a one stop shop for an educational organisation’s cashless payment system needs, improving customer experience by speeding up service.

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CCTV Equipment and Maintenance

This framework agreement for CCTV Equipment and Maintenance offers a complete solution for supply and installation of video surveillance systems.

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Cleaning Equipment Supply and Maintenance

Access a range of regionally based suppliers who can supply and maintain your institution’s cleaning equipment.

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Electrical Materials and Associated Products

Provides access to suppliers offering cabling, lighting, heating, ventilation, sustainable energy solutions and more. Associated services also available.

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Entrance & Access Control Systems and Associated Equipment and Services

This framework offers a route to market for entrance and access control security systems including supply, design, installation, maintenance and repair.

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Fire Alarms, Detection and Suppression Systems

The framework provides access to the supply, installation, servicing and maintenance of fire alarms and suppression systems.

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Firefighting Equipment and Associated Services

Access suppliers to provide fire safety training and firefighting equipment such as extinguishers and blankets.

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Fixed Wire Testing

Access comprehensively vetted suppliers to inspect, test, service and survey all fixed electrical installations within your site buildings.

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Flooring Supplies and Services

This agreement is a one stop shop to procure flooring supplies and associated services such as fitting and supply only options.

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Grounds Maintenance

Purchase grounds maintenance including tree maintenance, fence line maintenance, grass cutting and playground equipment maintenance.

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Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies

This framework provides the education sector access to the procurement of janitorial and cleaning supplies including the supply of specialist chemicals.

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Mechanical, Electrical and Building Fabric Maintenance

Choose from a wide range of regionally based suppliers to carry out maintenance for all mechanical, electrical and building fabric assets.

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Minor Works Dynamic Purchasing System

Procure a wide range of specialist trades all in one place for your college, university, academy or schools’ refurbishment or construction works.

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Paint and Decorating Supplies

Purchase all paint, decorating and sundry products which can be used to decorate your site or for related student courses.

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Plumbing, Sanitary and Heating Equipment

This framework offers educational institutions access to suppliers of plumbing services, sanitary services and heating equipment.

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Portable Appliance Testing

Access a range of suppliers who can perform Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) on your electrical products.

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PPE, Clothing and Uniforms

This framework agreement covers the supply of PPE, Clothing, Uniforms and First Aid equipment including medical/laboratory clothing and biohazard equipment.

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Recycling Bins and Street Furniture

Encourage recycling in your institution with a wide choice of Recycle Bins and Street Furniture available from experienced suppliers on the CPC framework.

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Removal, Relocation and Additional Services

A DfE recommended framework offering removal and relocation services, covering the transportation of IT, office, classroom and laboratory equipment.

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Security Services

This framework provides security services for the needs of the education sector including mobile patrols, security detection dogs and CCTV monitoring.

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Signs and Signage

This framework provides you with access to suppliers who can design and create various types of signage for your institution.

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Synthetic Sports Facilities

This DfE recommended framework covers the construction, installation and maintenance of synthetic outdoor sports facilities.

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Total Facilities Management

The Total Facilities Management framework allows educational institutions to streamline operations, providing a single point of contact for all service needs.

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Utilities Supplies & Services

Get a free quote and obtain the best price for your school, college or university’s electricity and gas contracts, using this DfE recommended Utilities framework

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Washroom Services including Period Dignity Solutions

This framework offers a one-stop shop for the procurement of washroom services including sanitary waste collection, hygiene and period dignity solutions.

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White Goods and Associated Electrical Appliances

The CPC deal has been awarded as the result of a tender exercise

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