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This framework commenced on 13 April 2014 and is designed to meet our members’ requirements for Sports, Gym and Fitness Equipment :

There are 7 suppliers on the new Framework split over 2 lots as follows :-

Lot 1 – Sports Equipment & Clothing, Including Non-Commercial Fitness Equipment: Suppliers on Lot 1 are able to supply a full range of indoor and outdoor sports and fitness equipment from Academies through Universities. This lot also includes the purchase of non-commercial fitness equipment and also a range of sports clothing.

Lot 2 - Commercial Fitness & Gym Equipment: Suppliers on Lot 2 are able to supply a full range of fitness and gymnasium equipment (entry level through to premium range) including maintenance and service options

Awarded from 13th April 2015 to 12th April 2018 with a possible extension to 12th April 2019

The CPC have benchmarked this framework and found the average saving to be:

14.76% * As at February 2016

Case Study

Sir William Romney's School saved 50% buying Gym Equipment using the CPC Quote Tool

Member LogoThe School used the CPC Quote Tool to request quotes from suppliers on the Sports, Fitness & Gym Equipment framework and is delighted with the results

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The contracting authority for this framework is Crescent Purchasing Consortium.