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Please see the additional information section below for the insurance questionnaires including RPA+.

For Lot 2 RPA+ quotation requests please download the RPA+ questionnaire below and follow the instructions therein.

For Lot 1 Comprehensive Insurance Cover & Provision, please contact the CPC contract manager Gary Sadler for guidance on using the framework.

The CPC has established a Framework Agreement through which its Members may procure insurance and/or insurance-related services. The Framework Agreement will primarily be for use by Academies & Academy Trusts.

The Framework Agreement will provide a standardised and uniform further competition process through which member institutions will present their insurance profile and requirements to the successful CPC Framework Providers. Each institution or group of institutions insurance premiums should still reflect individual risk profiles and requirements, with no pooling of risk or cross-subsidising of premium, unless the institution or group stipulates otherwise.

Awarded from 1st July 2016 to 30th June 2018 with a possible extension to 30th June 2020

No user guide is available at this time.

CPC Contract Manager

Name: Gary Sadler

Tel: 0161 974 0940



The contracting authority for this framework is Crescent Purchasing Consortium.