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Please see the additional information section below for the insurance questionnaires including RPA+.

For Lot 2 RPA+ quotation requests please download the RPA+ questionnaire below and follow the instructions therein.

For Lot 1 Comprehensive Insurance Cover & Provision please contact the CPC contract manager Gary Sadler for guidance on using the framework.

No user guide is available at this time.

Suppliers List

Supplier Agreement No. Coverage
Aon UK Ltd 2016/1592 Nationwide
Zurich Insurance Plc 2016/1593 Nationwide

Associated Documentation

The following documents are associated with this framework. Some are required for successful use of the framework and are clearly marked.
File Details Essential
RPA Plus QuestionnaireThis short questionnaire can be used to obtain three competitive insurance quotations for some of the elements that aren’t provided by the EFA Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA), e.g. motor vehicles, overseas travel, engineering inspection services and works of art. Download
Academies Questionnaire

This is the key document that you need to complete as part of your market presentation for the panel of providers. It allows you to describe your academy and its insurance requirements in a format that the insurers will readily understand, so that they can prepare their priced proposals. The last page comprises a model covering letter which is designed to be amended to suit your individual requirements.

CPC will be happy to review your completed Questionnaire before you send it to the providers, if you wish. When you have finalised the questionnaire, you should email it to the providers and allow them at least 4 weeks to respond with their proposals.

Guidance NotesThese notes provide a line-by-line explanation of all but the most obvious questions in the Questionnaire. They also give direct advice about the insurance limits and other requirements that you need to specify in your Questionnaire. YesDownload
Summary of Insurance Cover Options for AcademiesThis summary is complementary to the Guidance Notes, and provides a general overview of the range of insurance policies available to academies. It also explains in some detail what each policy is designed to cover. YesDownload
RPA+ FlyerBrief description of the framework benefits Download

CPC Contract Manager

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Tel: 0161 974 0940


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The contracting authority for this framework is Crescent Purchasing Consortium.