Following a further competition through the Crown Commercial Services Framework RM3703, CPC have appointed Banner as their approved stationery supplier. Banner can supply our members with a full range of office supplies, including:

  • Office Stationery, including pens, pencils, desktop accessories, filing products, notebooks and diaries.
  • Office paper products, including copier paper, cut paper, and card. Small office machines, such as desktop printers, shredding machines, laminators and label makers.
  • Electronic office supplies and computer consumables, including ink and toner print cartridges, USB and other storage devices, and peripherals.

With direct savings in excess of 20% against the 2016 contract price (over 200 product lines), we are confident that members will be delighted by the pricing they receive. Banner also meet all of CPC’s rigorous qualitative criteria, so members should experience excellent customer service for the duration of the agreement.

The CPC issued further competition documentation to 6 organisations on the Crown Commercial Services Framework RM3703.

We weighted the competition at 55% price and 45% quality, assessing almost 500 lines and 40 qualitative service elements.

The contracting team assessed the bids received and following evaluation selected Banner.

We are confident that members will be delighted with both the pricing on offer from Banner, which when compared to a basket of items against the previous supplier (2016 pricing) containing almost 200 lines, shows direct savings in excess of 20%.

Banner have also met all of the qualitative elements of the service proposal - ensuring that members should experience excellent customer service under this agreement with all that you would expect from a CPC approved supplier.

Key Benefits of this Framework

  • Dedicated supplier account management team.
  • Next day delivery for core items, free of charge.
  • Range of ordering methods, including online, email, telephone, fax and cXML.
  • Substantial discounts against standard market prices.
  • A fast, direct and fully compliant route to market.
  • Pricing is available in the individual supplier pages.

Suppliers List

Supplier Agreement No. Coverage
Banner 2017/1786 Nationwide

How can I use this Framework

CPC typically recommend that members undertake a further competition considering their own particular requirements, however please see the framework user guide for further details.

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If you require support in running a mini-competition via this framework, Tenet Services can help. Tenet offer a nationwide service specialising in assisting education establishments to complete mini-competitions.

Tenet are part of the Crescent Purchasing Group of Companies and operate on a not-for-profit basis.

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Associated Documentation

The following documents are associated with this . Some are required for successful use of the and are clearly marked.
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User GuideThis is required reading if you are considering using this framework. It tells you everything you need to know about the panel of providers, eligibility, running the mini-competition process, and evaluating bids. YesDownload

Contract Manager

The contracting authority for this framework is Crescent Purchasing Consortium.

  • Name: Majid Khan
  • Tel: 0161 974 0949
  • Email:
  • Chat: Live Chat