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Perform and manage a further competition exercise on one of the many frameworks that are available through CPC.

Under OJEU Regulations in respect of framework agreements, if there is more than one supplier you are typically required to carry out a further competition exercise. In running a further competition (sometimes referred to as a mini competition) you must give opportunity to all eligible suppliers to submit a proposal in response to your requirement; the CPC Quote Tools can help you to manage this process.

CPC are delighted to be able to offer members two tender tools to meet differing requirements:

The CPC Quote Tool is a quick and easy to use tool that members know and love, which is best used for simple or low value procurements.

The CPC Sourcing Cloud is an exciting new procurement tool developed to offer enhanced features for more complex procurements.

What do you need? CPC Quote tool* CPC Sourcing Cloud
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Issue documents electronically
Allow issue of clarifications to all suppliers
Allow auditable correspondence between buyer and suppliers
Allow sealed bids
Allow hard copy tender returns
Allow emailed tender returns
Allow electronic tender returns
View full audit trail
Post Contracts Finder Award Notice
Use CPC Quote Tool Use CPC Sourcing Cloud
Help For assistance call:
CPC: 0800 066 2188
For assistance or to set up a user account call:
ADB: 0151 482 9230

* When using the CPC Quote Tool, if your request is above threshold (£181,302 + VAT), in order to comply with Regulations concerning receipt of tenders, please ensure bids are not opened before the deadline set. You can do this by accepting bids by post only (not email) and opening them only after the return deadline has expired.

* It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the tool is used compliantly and that all relevant suppliers have received notice of the request. CPC shall not be held responsible for errors or omissions that cause compliance concerns for the user if the user has not checked for, and actioned anomalies.

For Contracts Finder guidance, please see:

Existing Quotation Requests

Here you will find the full archive of quote requests that have been made by your institution. For any quotes where the framework is still live you have the facility to:

  • Edit, submit or delete any saved quote requests
  • Add clarifications to your submitted quote requests
  • Select the winning supplier for your finished quote requests